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    Lactodex 2 Follow Up Formula Powder

    Availability:In Stock

    Lactodex 2 Follow Up Formula Powder

    No customer reviews yet

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    Availability:In Stock



    ·        Lactodex 2 Follow-Up Formula powder is a nutritional supplement that is enriched with Unsaturated fatty acids,Mono Unsaturated fatty acids, Saturated fatty acids, Carbohydrates, Cholesterol, Protein Multivitamins and Multiminerals 

    ·        These nutrients ensure the continuous supply of Amino acids for formation of haemoglobin, production of enzymes, and maintaining tissues. This Lactodex 2 Follow-Up Formula powder supplement maintains good health, boosts energy level and enhances the immunity system. So is indicated in case of General Weakness, Fatigue, Convalescence, Hospitalised and Immuno-compromised patients. 

    ·        Usage: 

    ·        Lactodex 2 Follow-Up Formula contains optimum levels of nutrients required for healthy growth and normal development of infants.  

    ·        Lactodex 2 Follow-Up Formula powder can be taken with milk.  

    ·        Use under medical supervision.

    ·        For kids above 6 months 


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