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    Farex Stage 3 Follow Up Formula - 400 gm

    Availability:Out Of Stock

    Farex Stage 3 Follow Up Formula - 400 gm

    No customer reviews yet

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    Availability:Out Of Stock



    Farex stage 3 is a substitute of milk for infants. This product is suitable for twelve to twenty four months of babies. It supports infant’s growth and development of all body parts by providing iron, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, protein, essential amino acid and all other nutrition which are necessary. This product also forms a strong layer of immunity in the baby in the early days itself.


    ·       Digestion plus Immunity: Whey proteins - support easy digestion

    ·       100% Lactose: Supports growth of good bacteria which help maintain a healthy digestive system

    ·       Nucleotides: Help support immune function

    ·       Immunity: Nucleotides, Zinc, Selenium, Iron Vitamin A, C, E, B Carotene support immune function

    ·       Brain Growth and Development + Immunity: Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (precursors of DHA & ARA - Help in visual function & brain development

    ·       Better LA:ALA ratio

    ·       Nucleotides: Help support immune Function

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