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    Return and refund policy varies according to products and sellers. Return and refund of products are applicable under the following conditions.

    • Groceries , Baby foods , and Diapers must be verified at the time of delivery. Once these orders  are received by the customers, they cannot be returned. Product return must be triggered at the time of delivery.

    • A product can be returned only if it differs from the one presented on the website or is either damaged or defective at the time of delivery. These products will be applicable for exchange or refund.

    • Electrical and electronic goods can be returned within 5 days of the delivery.

    • All the other items can be returned within 3 days of the delivery if its different as promised 

    • Clothes and garments can be returned if it does not fit,

    • Customers can apply for the exchange/refund of delivered goods along with complaints if it meets the above-mentioned conditions. The complaint and the reason provided by the customer will be verified by Bardan Online Store and by the vendor in question, following which the acceptance/refusal of the request will be informed. 

    • The refund/exchange process will take from 6 days to 15 days depending on the nature of the product and payment. If the customer wants a refund of the products that can be exchanged, pickup and delivery charge may be levied on the refund amount.